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ًًWhy 'Smart Cities' is the Best option?

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We are a technology company specializing in the field of smart homes. Smart Cities is one of the first companies in the field of smart homes in Saudi Arabia. We have a team of programmers specializing in this field with more than ten years experience and proud to provide the best solutions for smart homes. We offer solutions suitable for everyone.
Our Systems:
• Buildings management system or smart homes
• Cinema or home theaters
• Security and safety systems
• Camera systems
• Renewable energy systems and solar cell solutions
In addition, we use the latest technology to control and manage costs and reduce operating costs for both residential and commercial buildings.

Why is home automation good for me…what are the benefits ?

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Modern technological advances and the proliferation of smart phones and tablets helped to develop smart homes or what is known as home automation. Smart home enables you to live comfortably and easily.

Control  all your smart  home appliances such as (lights on and off, door locks, curtains and shutters control, air conditioning control, voice control, loudspeakers, speakers, motion sensors, smoke sensors, glass break sensors, surveillance cameras, alarm system, safety system Etc ...) All these devices are connected to each other with a special network. Either this network is wired or wireless,  you can control your home from inside or from anywhere else and you can also program it according to a specific system.

In the smart home, for example, in the summer you can turn on the air conditioning before you get home, or program the curtains to open automatically and  close it. You can also connect your protection system to your mobile in case someone breaks your window glass and the surveillance camera

takes a picture of him and then the alert is sent to your mobile.

When you turn your house into an smart house you can program as many things as you like. You can read more about Smart Homes here.

What are the steps of converting my normal home to a smart home?

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  • Visit the originator to create a clear picture of the requirements.

  • Provide a preliminary study on circuits and cost.

  • Preparing and designing electrical schemes for the formation to suit the intelligent control.

  • Supervising the electrical works in the case of a contractor by sending engineers to provide technical and logistical support.

  • Receive the electrical works and assume all responsibility for them.

  • After completing the civil works, the team installs and construct the pieces.

  • And Your home is smart 

What Is KNX System?

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Smart Cities is one of the best companies in KNX with only five KNX advance knowledge given to other 4 integrator companies in the KSA.

What Is Control4?

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develops smart home automation systems to control lighting, entertainment, security, energy, and other connected devices.

Control4 is linked to an operating system to control lights ,HVAV,audio,also it supporter more than 7000 devices from third party.

Proprietary products:

  • Audio/Video.

  • Lighting .

  • HVAC.

  • Touch screens .

  • Remote controls.

  • Controllers.

  • Sensors/Relays.

  • Cameras.

  • Networking.

What is the difference between the wired and the wireless system?

For Wired System:

Wired system requires wires through which the connection between the devices and the main control device and extend the wires .

Wireless System:

The wireless system does not need the wiring system and can install the system at any time

To learn more about the wireless system you can watch the video from here.

What is the difference between the open and closed system?

The Open System:

Allow you to construct smart devices from different brands.

The Open System:

It is the system that requires the user to use only one company. For example, if you purchased Philips, you are obliged to purchase all the equipment from Phelps because its system is closed
To learn more , you can watch the video here.

Can I merge KNX and Control4?

Yes in smart cities you can do that

When I Use Smart Home is my information secure? 

Yes It is secure

How Much does the Smart House cost?

There are no specific values. The value varies according to the different requirements of the customer. You can be sure that whatever the size of your project in hand we will provide you with the best of solutions using our high quality products.

You can get the approximate cost for your home by contacting us from here.

Yes, a home automation will increase the value of your home.

 What’s even more interesting is that all demographics of home buyers want to incorporate home automation features in their homes


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