What is a 'Smart Home' or Home automation?

What is a 'Smart Home'?

Smart Home or Home Automation is not new, but with technological advancements in the modern era, the proliferation of smart phones and tablets has helped smart homes evolve. It means how smart machines stay indoors intelligently and seamlessly without any problems.

Smart home enables you to live comfortably by controlling all smart home appliances such as (LEDs and shutters, door locks, curtain controls, air conditioning control, voice control, speakers, speakers, motion sensors, smoke sensors, glass break sensors Surveillance, alarm system, safety system, etc.). In a smart home, all these devices are connected to each other with a private network. Either this network is wired, you need to extend wires or wireless. Then you can control this network from inside your home or from any Another place you can also program according to a particular system.

In the smart house, for example, in the summer you can turn on the air conditioning before you get home, or program the curtains to open automatically at a certain time of the day for a certain period and then close, you can also connect your protection system to your mobile. When you turn your house into an intelligent house you can program as many other things as you like.


Benefits of owning a 'Smart Home':

One of the benefits of a smart home is to provide comfort, luxury, and control of the home from anywhere with ease. Not only that, but also the installation of a smart system that helps raise the value or the real cost of the home.

How much will it cost to own a 'Smart Home'?

There is no specific value for the smart home but the value varies according to the different requirements of the homeowner At Smart Cities we have the best solutions for your home according to your needs and requirements.

What is KNX?

Smart Cities is one of the best companies in KNX with only five KNX advance knowledge given to other 4 integrator companies in the KSA.

KNX is the globally recognized as smart home system. It is an operating system,KNX has obtained a patent as European organization that provides software that enables communication between smart pieces, regardless of the manufacturer. For example, you can connect a piece of a German company to another piece of an American company without restricting one company If these pieces depend on this system.

There are more than 200 companies around the world manufacturing parts that work on the KNX system, allowing the user to combine all the pieces and benefit from the variety of pieces. This is called the open system KNX

Open System is the system that allows you to install smart pieces from several different companies without committing yourself to buy from one company exclusively on the contrary.

Closed system that requires the user to use the parts of one company only, For example, if you purchased the system Philips you are obliged to buy all the equipment from Philips because its system is closed.

How can I use the system in my home or building?

The KNX system is a wired system, which means that the time to prepare the home for this system begins after the completion of the bone works and before the start of the work.

Can I use the system after finishing the finishing work?

No, you cannot because the KNX system is wired and the KNX wires should be extended into the walls.

The alternative option is to go to the wireless solutions. Watch the video here or click here to read about the wireless systems


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