With more than ten years of experience, since 1998, our team works in smart home and security solutions for both residential and commercial buildings. In 2005, the smart home sector developed significantly, and projects were implemented in the villas and other different environments. We built partnerships with major manufacturers, such as GIRA Smart switches, Schneider, ABB, CISCO Home Automation Solution and Control4.


In 2010, the company opened its own showrooms and started setting up a new company "Smart Cities Company" and established amazing relationships with the main smart home factory to provide all options for customers. Proudly, the foundation supports its extensive collaboration with Thron Pro, an international company with a reputation for itself as GSA in the Kingdom.

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Smart Cities Company has been proud of over 25 years in Saudi Arabia in the field of technology and providing solutions to its customers both domestic and international customers. We are the first company to offer solutions such as Building Management System, Smart Homes and Solar Energy. Moreover, we use the latest technology to control and manage costs and reduce the operating costs of both residential and commercial buildings.


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